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Addiction / Chemical Dependency / Recovery

“I think maybe when you drink, you’re probably robbing yourself of that genuine experience, even though it appears what you’re doing is getting more of it. You’re getting less of it. And it takes a while, when you’ve had a rock on the hose like that for so long. It takes a while for the hose to be a hose again, you know, and for things to start flowing.” – Tom Waits

I have a passion for treating addiction and chemical dependency or those who are in early recovery. It is hard to focus on recovery when depression and anxiety are relentless. I can help by utilizing medication to decrease craving and treat other conditions that add stress to new recovery. I am direct, respectful, and encourage a nonjudgmental approach to exploring issues around addiction and recovery.

Many people in recovery, specifically abstinence based programs, have conflicted feelings about whether or not they should take psychiatric medications. It is absolutely safe to utilize psychiatric medication as you journey through the satisfying and challenging voyage of recovery! Remember, underlying issues like depression and anxiety lead to chemical dependency/alcoholism in the first place. These are medical conditions and they should be treated. Your sobriety deserves to have the odds in your favor because when we get down to it, sometimes maintaining recovery is a fight.

I do not prescribe Buprenorphine, Suboxone, or Subutex for any conditions.

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