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Our Style of Psychiatry in Portland

About our Portland Psychiatric Practice

Greetings! My name is Justin Rice I am a board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). My primary focus is psychiatry and medication management.

My transition to mental health came after several years working as a R.N. in critiRice_J_Reshoot17_0007-Edit-1cal care, around trauma both physical and emotional. Having a part in helping the human body heal from illnesses, wounds, disease, and trauma was intensely challenging and rewarding. However, I could not help but notice that the physical recovery was at times superficial. My patients felt lost, confused, angry, depressed after their experience of hospitalization. Many returned to my care with similar or different ailments usually from self neglect or poor life choices. Being critically sick is a traumatic experience; from an emotional standpoint, vulnerability is the order of the day. But vulnerability is a great place to heal from, everything out in the open and nowhere to go but up.

Following my passion for mental health I transitioned to working as a psychiatric nurse in a Portland psychiatric hospital. I have worked with people healing from eating disorders, chronic and severe mental illness, drug addiction, and alcoholism. I also spent time working with active duty soldiers returning from deployment overseas dealing with behavioral issues, PTSD, and chemical dependency.

My nursing education started at Los Angeles County College of Nursing where as a student  I worked in the (now) fabled ER C-booth trauma bay at USC medical center and in the trauma ER at Harbor/UCLA medical center. After graduating nursing school as class president I worked as a mixed specialty ICU nurse in a  trauma center.  I obtained my MSN degree from Gonzaga University with a focus on psychiatry and have been working as a nurse practitioner in family practice settings with a diverse array of people and conditions. While in graduate school I was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau, the honor society of nurses.

My passion as a Nurse Practitioner, as well as the guiding philosophy for my practice is the concept of mindful recovery. William Anthony, former director of the Boston Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation describes this concept perfectly; he identifies recovery as “a deeply personal, unique process of changing one’s attitudes, values, feelings, goals, skills and/or roles.” Recovery from constant anxiety, disorganization, overeating, feeling irritable around family and friends. All of this requires an awareness to our own thoughts and feelings. I encourage mindful exploration- essentially becoming aware of our emotional interaction with the world and not judging our perfectly understandable human response. Change is absolutely possible!

In practice this requires an honest and sometimes hard look at ourselves. Taking to heart the question, “What is my part in all of this? In my own distress? What can I let go of?” Change is absolutely possible! While my focus is on medication management, I offer brief counseling to my clients. I generally recommend my clients have a therapist that they see regularly.

“No mud
No lotus”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

My Approach

“The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own.
You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the president.
You realize that you control your own destiny.”
– Albert Ellis

My primary focus is on the use of medication to treat and begin to manage symptoms of emotional distress such as depression, anxiety, grief, fear, insomnia and inattention. I believe that psychiatric medication in combination with therapy is an invaluable tool to help reach recovery. In practical application this means helping you feel better!

I am often described as very direct, down to earth, and funny.

I provide brief counseling and motivational interviewing to help identify what symptoms you would like to treat. I believe in being direct and compassionate with my clients. At times I am very frank; this is in the hopes of staying as honest as possible thus helping you move forward at a more productive pace. It is very rewarding to see my patients accept things as they are, it is what it is.

Please note: my focus is on psychiatric medication management and I recommend that my clients have their own dedicated therapist.

My Philosophy

Many times clients ask me, “Do I have to take these pills for the rest of my life?” My philosophy is that it is entirely up to you. Some people prefer to take a medication like an anti-depressant or mood stabilizer indefinitely- they simply feel better and feel normal doing so. It is my opinion that some conditions require long term medication management, but again, this is up to the person taking the medication. Making a decision to care for mental health issues we may have, with or without psychiatry is called recovery. On the other hand, some of my clients use medication to reach a level of emotional balance so that they can work on their issues (grief and PTSD are often such conditions) and then they stop. It is not a weakness to take psychiatric medication. For most of my clients, this is part of self-acceptance without judgment. I encourage my clients to express their feelings around taking medication in non-judgmental terms. Instead of thinking, “I am always so depressed that I have to take psych meds” this sentiment can be reframed as, “I am taking medication because I am taking care of myself and moving forward in my life.”

What is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP)?

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNP), and nurse practitioners in other specialties, are trained to competently assess medical symptoms, order laboratory tests, and conduct physical examinations in order to diagnose and treat ailments.

PMHNPs are specialty providers with additional training in psychological and psychiatric treatments, including counseling and medications. PMHNPs collaborate with primary care, specialty, and complimentary healthcare professionals, if authorized by individuals in treatment. PMHNP’s practice psychiatry.

All PMHNPs complete a bachelor’s degree in nursing and become Registered Nurses (RN). Most often, nurses practice for several years and then pursue masters or doctoral level education in psychiatric nursing. After completing an advanced degree, PMHNPs take a comprehensive national examination to become board certified. Thereafter, PMHNPs are licensed by the state where they practice. PMHNP’s specifically practice psychiatry. All of these steps are legally required in Oregon.

To maintain a license and board certification, PMHNPs pursue a variety of ongoing educational opportunities in fields related to mental health and illness.

In Oregon Nurse Practitioners practice independently. We evaluate patients, make diagnoses and prescribe medications to treat conditions. When necessary we refer to other providers and different levels of care.


Rhonda is the Office Manager and general problem solver.  She can be reached directly at 503-352-4270 or by emailing her at


When Rhonda is not working, she likes to spend time with her partner and household of animals (1 dog & 3 cats). She spent 15 years in the Veterinary industry then made the change to Mental Health and couldn’t be happier.  She is an avid Overlander and off road enthusiast. She enjoys slow smoked BBQ and even has her own line of sauces.  She loves trying experimental foods and exploring new cuisines.



CamilleCamille has been in the accounting industry for over 13 years, six of them working for mental health practitioners. She has a strong background in working with small businesses, auditing and taxation. She loves working with numbers and complicated money matters. Her undergrad in communications and social personality help us all to better understand the nuances of our complex insurance industry.

Witnessing family members suffer from severe mental health issues, Camille feels good about doing her part to encourage and advocate for mental health care.

Camille is passionate about her family, the outdoors, traveling, exercise and her cat.